iFront is an engineering consulting firm dedicated to managing and assist projects within Life Science industry


iFront is an engineering consulting firm dedicated to managing and assist projects within Life Science industry.

Based on an unmatched combination of scientific knowledge and proven implementation effectiveness we provide companies with strategically sound approaches to meet key challenges.

With more than 14 years of extensive experience in Project Management and various fields of Mechanical Engineering and Design, iFront became an independent entity in March 2007.

Today iFront offers consulting services within Medicinal and Biotech industries.

iFront consulting services are result oriented based on Time, Budget, and Quality.

iFront provides project consulting services to assist clients with enhancement of their project management environment, processes, tools, and resources.

Project management
Risk Management
Medical Device Process & Product Development
Validation & Qualification
Purification, Recovery
Aseptic production
Visual inspection


Project Management

Managing projects with focus on to achieve the project goals and to meet the success criteria within the specified time and budget.

Risk Management

Identifying and analysing potential risks that may negatively impact final products and end users.

Validation & Qualification

Preparation of validation plans and required protocols, Test Plans and supporting documentation and performance of validation & qualifications activities.


Setup of the operational processes from ordering to finalization of a product batch (incl. conduction of required controls and preparation of documentation)

Aseptic production, Purification & Recovery

Manufacturing and support in upstream and downstream processes such as recovery and purification.

Experience in aseptic and filling processes.

Medical Devices, Processes & Production

Specifying production line by translating the required functions into a range of requirements and process controls (based on risk assessment performed in accordance with used processes). Automatic process controls in continuous production processes will be used to ensure the safety of product and thereby the safety of end-users.

Targeted at companies such as

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